A new era for satellite missions

Enabling modern electronics on space crafts

The world's only active shielding technology for satellite electronics

It is a long established fact that space radiation is harmful for satellite missions.

While life on Earth is protected from the full impact of solar and cosmic radiations by Earth’s geomagnetic field, as we travel beyond Earth’s low orbits, exposure to radiation levels increases significantly.

Semiconducting materials, used in satellite electronics and solar panels, are the second most susceptible materials, after biological ones, to radiation damage. 

Currently, passive radiation hardening, by adding metal layers around sensitive electronics, is the only method used to mitigate the damage caused by radiation. This is not always possible, as in the case of solar panels.

For high radiation environments, only semiconductor circuits made from ten to twenty years old fabrication processes, are used;  they are associated, however, with significantly reduced performance, higher cost and higher power consumption in comparison to currently used electronic components.

This is where we come in.

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