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Space Radiation: the unseen culprit

Life on Earth is protected from the full impact of solar and cosmic radiations by Earth’s geomagnetic field. but as we travel beyond Earth low orbits, exposure to radiation levels increases significantly.

Semiconducting materials, used in satellites electronics and solar panels, are the second most susceptible materials, after biological ones, to radiation damage.

Current shielding methods, that add metal layers around sensitive electronics, mitigate the radiation damage only in part and are not always practical (eg. solar panels).

Against trapped particles, the industry uses fabrication processes that are up to twenty years old and significantly reduce performance, increase cost and power consumption in comparison to currently used electronic components.

Radiation solutions are traditionally associated with long lead times and high costs of testing. It remains one of the bottlenecks for space missions.

There are more than 25 different mitigation and rad-hardening methods and not a single decision making tool to help decide which approach fits each mission best.

In Space Talos, we are committed to provide clear and affordable radiation solutions to help our customers reach orbit at the fastest pace possible.

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