Active shielding

Instead of passively adding metal layers to protect electronics, our product generates a force field that deflects ionised particles before they can reach the circuitry.

Our solution

Hardware agnostic

Our solution protects the satellite regardless of the type of hardware deployed. It is not dependent on the architecture of the electronics or the sensors on the satellite.

Higher performance

The active shielding protects sensitive electronics against radiation-associated effects such as doping changes to semiconducting materials. This allows for the deployment of more sophisticated electronics with smaller node size and increased processing power.

Increased longevity

By deflecting most of the particles before they reach the electronics of the satellite, our solution increases the lifetime expectancy of the satellite.

Reduced overall cost

Our technology enables the use of off the shelf electronics in much harsher radiation environments orbits where the costs of specialist rad-hard electronics are significant.


"This is a game changer with great potential and value all across the board."
Christos Kyriazoglou
"This is super valuable; my team has been looking into rad-hard electronics for over a year."
Jim Kerevala
CEO, Offworld
"As a company looking to use smallsats in GEO, Space Talos's technology would prove to be extremely intresting."
Hugo Mazzoccoli
CFO, Infinite Orbits
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