How Space Talos Are Building Magnetic Shields For Satellites And Spacecraft

Space Talos’ Co-Founder and CEO, Dr, Alexandros Christou, is sharing some of the company’s history, highlights and tips for aspiring space entrepreneurs. 

Space Talos Interview with Space Bandits

Why is shielding against radiation an important problem to solve and how does it help human space exploration?

Space radiation is harmful to satellite missions. While here on Earth we are protected by Earth’s geomagnetic field, as we travel beyond Earth’s low orbits, exposure to radiation levels increases significantly.

Our technology creates a magnetic field that blocks ionised particles before they reach the spacecraft, reducing the “felt” radiation by the satellite. This leads to an increased lifetime of electronics, at reduced weight and costs. This proactive shield would work as a catalyst for new applications in space.

This means more sensitive, cameras, robotics, AI processors, for example. Basically, it would be similar to giving a modern computer to a developer in the 90s. Also, manipulating plasma flow would mean that we could potentially look at radiation not as a threat but as an energy source.

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